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High Gloss Liquid Epoxy Resin  Kit



BNA Building Solutions ' GLASS BOND EPOXY is reactive diluent modified epoxy resin. Hardener is clear transparent , low viscosity modified curing agent. When both components are mixed ratio, it provides high gloss that are resistant to various chemicals. Low mix viscosity of systems permits high filler loading and exhibit outstanding mechanical and chemical resistant properties. BNA GLASS BOND EPOXY is an impervious epoxy grout suitable for applications on all types of tiles and stones when mixed as per instructions ,it forms to a smooth, pourable easy-to-apply consistency which on final setting delivers high mechanical strength, impact and abrasion resistance. It is also recommended for hygiene sensitive areas requiring sterile conditions, stain and chemical resistance. BNA GLASS BOND EPOXY grout is available in a wide spectrum of attractive colours.

BNA Glass bond Epoxy
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